Elevate your brand through traceability, trust and transparency

From luxury to fashion, we build new income streams and trust in brands, by giving people transparency, quality, and accountability in their products.



  • End-to-End Traceability: We work together  with you to connect the dots of every single step of your products supply chain. 

  • Chain of Custody: From start to finish, we link your product with a secure and immutable digital record.


  • Product Compliance: We ensure you stay in compliance with all current and future market regulations and legislations.



  • Proof of Authenticity: Ensure that your product’s integrity is tamper-proof and manage the risk of counterfeiting.

  • Digital Twin: Utilize interoperable features and functionalities to allow your product to interact with your customers and our phygital tools.

  • Accountability: Bring your product’s traceability to life with unique phygital IDs so that you can communicate, engage, and connect with your customers.



  • Infinite Product Lifecycle: We enable products to embark on an endless journey into the future with our phygital tools. 

  • Powered by Open.ID: We empower product owners to actively engage with features such as Restore, Rent, Resale, Recycle, and more.

  • Future Proof Data: Your product’s value and impact on the world are captured through its digital product passport.


OPEN.ID connects Agora’s Customers to Digital Products Passports.

The boundaries between fashion and technology have been blurred forever; the two have become one. Thanks to our OPEN.ID we have infinite possibilities to enhance and create meaningful customer experiences in the phygital space —forging new memories when engaging with the brands we love and aligning with our style and values. Why not elevate this further and breathe life into the stories and impact of products that Agora has thoughtfully curated for its customers with just a single tap?

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We’re not just a software company; we’re cultivating mindful technology for the new reality.

We’re the solution innovators, designers and engineers between your brand and your legacy in the world.

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